为何猎头对你无爱? why recruiters aren’t calling you?



为何猎头对你无爱?  why recruiters aren’t calling you?

If you want to find a good job these days, you might have to work with a recruiter. Deal with it.

That’s because today, many companies have dispensed with traditional human resources departments in favor of outside recruiters. It saves the companies beaucoup bucks—but it also means that you have a new set of barriers to deal with. 如今,很多公司开始摒弃传统的人力资源部门而钟情于猎头机构。对公司来说这么做节约了成本,而对于求职的你来说,这无疑意味着增加了又一道藩篱。
Recruiters can be finicky (kind of like cats that turn up their noses at Fancy Feast) because their reputations are on the line with each candidate search. 每一次招聘成功与否都关乎着猎头者的声誉,那么他们一定会很苛刻,有点像喵星人把鼻子凑到珍喜猫罐头上反复的嗅来嗅去。
Recruiters scour social media and place advertisements looking for potential hires, and they also do much of the screening processes that HR employees used to do. Depending on the company, recruiters might also reach out to job seekers they’re interested in. They also check online profiles like LinkedIn—which means you could be rejected before you even knew you were being considered.

Recruiters all look for different qualities in candidates, but while each recruiter has his own preferences, there are often similarities in what they don’t like. By avoiding these missteps, you can easily make yourself a much more attractive candidate. 猎头们会寻求素质各异的求职者,但是不同的猎头会有不同的个人偏好,然而令他们反感的因素往往很相近。如果你能顺利避开雷区,那么你就会成为一个具有吸引力的求职者。
Here are five reasons a recruiter might pass you over for a different candidate: 对于不同的应聘者,猎头会淘汰你出局通常有如下五个原因:
1. Not following instructions.
Ever play the smartphone app “The Moron Test,” where you have to pay close attention to what the directions say to stay in the game? Well, keep that in mind for your job search, or you will end up looking like the moron.
This means that if the job listing asks for a cover letter and you don’t include one, or if you don’t bother following other the instructions in the advertisement, you will look like an employee who can’t follow directions. Pay attention to detail, and recruiters will pay attention to you.

2. Doing a subpar job at a company where the recruiter previously placed you.
Many recruiters do multiple placements for candidates, especially given the increasing number of temporary and temp-to-perm positions these days. This means you could conceivably hold more than one position that the same recruiter helped you land.
So if you make a bad impression at a company where the recruiter previously placed you—by, say, calling in sick on Mondays and ditching early on Fridays—you can forget about ever getting another assignment from that recruiter.

3. Lack of enthusiasm.
If you’re contacted about a position and you sound about as thrilled as you would be if you learned about an upcoming marathon of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, you’ll hurt your chances of getting the job. Being too laid-back can be confused for being uninterested.
That means if you are interested in the job, act like it. Show some enthusiasm. You don’t have to react like a contestant on The Price is Right, but at least show a pulse. Recruiters want to hire people who are excited about their work so that their client company will be excited about the candidate.
如果你被告知有某个职位机会的时候,你表现的好像即将要参加“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”马拉松一样直打哆嗦,这对你把握住这个职位机会是毫无益处的。而过于懒散则会被误以为不感兴趣。
也就是说,如果你对这个工作感兴趣,那么就表现出欢喜,展示点热情出来。你不必像“The Price is Right”里辩论者那么夸张,但至少表现出一点雀跃之情。猎头毕竟是想要招聘到对工作有热忱的人,这样客户公司才会对求职者有热忱。

4. Not being straightforward.
On the other hand, if you’re not acting excited about the job because you’re not interested, tell the recruiter what you’re thinking (after hearing what he has to say). Don’t feign enthusiasm only to turn down the position when you’re offered it—keep the recruiter in the loop. If you waste the recruiter’s time, he might decide not to waste his time on you when the next opportunity comes up.

5. Not treating the recruiter with respect.
Some job seekers don’t treat recruiters with the same respect they would give a potential employer. They show up for interviews looking like a cast member from Jersey Shore and don’t take things seriously. Obviously, that’s a big mistake—after all, who wants to work with Snooki or The Situation? If you don’t treat the recruiter with the same consideration and respect you would a hiring manager, you might get passed over for the position.
Remember: if you work with a good recruiter who likes you and is on your side, you have a better chance of getting the job you seek.
很多求职者对于猎头没有表现出像对待雇主般的尊重。他们参加面试就好像肥皂剧Jersey Shore里的角色一样,一点也不严肃。很明显这是一个巨大的错误,谁会想和Snooki或者The Situation一起工作呢?如果你对待猎头不像你面对招聘经理那样慎重和尊重,你将会失去这个职位的机会。







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