“Having a good start to the day where you have greater control is critical in achieving better results, and ultimately greater career success,” says Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant. “How you begin your morning often sets the tone and your attitude for the day. It can also derail or direct your focus. If you remain committed to good morning work habits, you won’t fall prey to feeling unproductive and distracted at the end of the day or week.” “在你更能掌控的时间有一个好的开端,能促使你获得更好的结果,最终在事业上有更高成就。” 国家级职场专家,《驯服可怕的办公室暴君》的作者琳恩泰勒这么认为,“早晨的日程安排往往会决定你一整天的基调和态度。它也会转移或吸引你的注意力。如果你养成良好的早间工作习惯,在一天或一周结束的时候,你就不会感到徒劳或心烦意乱。”

With the help of career and workplace experts Taylor, David Shindler, Michael Kerr, Anita Attridge, Alexandra Levit and Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, I compiled a list of 14 things all workers should do when they get to work each morning. 在职业和职场专家泰勒、大卫辛德勒、迈克尔克尔、安妮塔阿特兹、亚历山德拉 莱维特、 和迈克尔伍德沃德(伍德博士)的帮助下,我列出了14件所有员工每天早晨要做的事情。 Arrive on time. This may be obvious to most people—but some don’t realize that showing up late can not only leave a bad impression, but also throw off your entire day. “Getting in on time or a little early helps your mindset for the day and helps promote a feeling of accomplishment,” Taylor says. 准时上班。对大部分人来说,这是显而易见的,但有些人却没有意识到迟到不仅会给别人留下坏印象,还会毁掉你的一天。泰勒说,“准时到公司或者提早一点,不仅可以帮你调整一天的心态,还可以提升你的成就感。” Take a deep breath. “Literally,” says Michael Kerr, an international business speaker, author and president of Humor at Work. “And do something to focus in on the here and now.” Many people come into work harried because they don’t leave enough time at home to deal with “home stuff,” he says, “and then they’ve barely survived another horrendously stressful commute, and then they dive into the madness.” Slowing down, taking a moment to pause, and creating a routine around centering yourself can work wonders, he adds. 深呼吸。 国际商业演说家,《工作幽默》的作者和总裁迈克尔克尔说:“实际上,做事要集中于当下。”许多人陷入工作烦恼,因为他们没有留足够的时间处理“家事”。他说:“然后他们几乎无法适应另一个可怕而高强度的穿梭,于是他们就陷入抓狂。”他又补充说,放慢速度,停顿片刻,设定一个自我集中的日程安排就能够创造奇迹。 Take five. After the deep breath, give yourself five minutes to get settled in, says Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, PhD, organizational psychologist and author of The YOU Plan. “This is a good way to set the tone of the day. Don’t allow yourself to be bum rushed by frantic co-workers lost in their own confusion.” It’s not unusual to wake up to a long backlog of e-mails just screaming for your attention, he adds. “The challenge is taking a moment for yourself before diving head first into your day.” 休息五分钟。心理学家和《“你”计划》的作者迈克尔伍德沃德(伍德博士)说,深呼吸后,给自己五分钟去静下心来,“这是定下一天基调的好方法。不要让那些陷入困惑的同事影响你的脚步。”长期积压的邮件叫嚣着吸引你的注意并不是不常见的,他补充道,“你的挑战是在开始你一天工作之前为自己留下一点空隙。” Start each day with a clean slate. You may have to attend to projects or discussions that rolled over from the previous afternoon—but try to treat each day as a fresh one, says David Shindler, an employability specialist and author of Learning to Leap. “Leave any crap from yesterday behind, tap into what’s happening at the outset of the day, get organized and ready or hit the ground running, if that’s what is needed,” he says. 每天都作为一个全新的开始。就业专家和《学会跳跃》的作者大卫辛德勒说,你可能前一天正陷入某个项目或者讨论,但是试着把每一天都当做新的一天。他说:“把昨天的废话留在昨天,如果有必要的话,在新一天的开始理清头绪,做好准备,投入工作。 Don’t be moody. You’ll want to pay attention to your mood and be aware of its effect on others. “First and last thing in the day is when emotional intelligence can have the greatest impact,” Shindler says. So if you’re not a “morning person,” try to suck it up and have a positive attitude when you arrive at the office. Grab a second or third cup of coffee, if that’s what it takes. Kerr agrees. “Your first hour at work can set your ‘attitude barometer’ for the rest of the day, so from a purely emotional point of view, I think it’s an important part of the day,” he says. “One morning grump can infect an entire team and put everyone on the wrong footing.” 不要情绪化。你要注意你的情绪以及情绪对其他事情的影响。辛德勒认为,“情商对每天的第一件事和最后一件事有很大影响。”所以,如果你不是一个喜欢早起的人,试着接受它,积极乐观地走进办公室。如果有必要的话,多喝一杯或者两杯咖啡。 克尔赞成这一点,他说,“工作的第一个小时可以定下你一整天的态度,所以从单纯的情感角度来讲,我认为这是一天中非常重要的一小时。一大早就发牢骚会影响整个团队,使大家出师不利。” Organize your day. The first hour of the work day is the best time to assess priorities and to focus on what you absolutely need to accomplish, Kerr says. “Too many people get distracted first thing in the morning with unimportant activities such as diving right into their morass of e-mail, when there may be a whole host of more important issues that need dealing with.” Make a to-do list, or update the one you made the previous day, and try to stick to it. However, if your boss has an urgent need, then it’s OK re-shuffle your priorities within reason, Taylor adds. Anita Attridge, a career and executive coach with the Five O’Clock Club, a career coaching organization, says when you prepare your morning to-do list, determine what must be done today and what can be completed tomorrow, and prioritize accordingly. “Also determine your peak working time and plan your schedule accordingly,” she says. “Use your peak time each morning to do the most important tasks.” 组织好你的一天。每日工作的第一个小时最有利于安排事情的轻重缓急或者专注于你真正需要完成的事。克尔说:“太多的人早晨一开始就为一些不重要的事情分心了,比如查看一堆乱起八糟的邮件,尽管当时他们可能有一堆更重要的事情需要处理。”制定一个清单或者更新前一天的清单,并坚持按清单做事。但是,如果你的老板有紧急事情需要处理,那么调整清单是可以的,泰勒补充道。 职业训练组织“五点钟俱乐部”的职业和管理培训师安尼塔阿特兹说,当你早上制作待办事项清单时,想好什么事情必须今天做,什么事情可以明天完成,然后安排顺序。“还要清楚你的最佳工作时间,然后根据这个来安排日程。”她说,“每天早上都用你的最佳工作时间完成最重要的任务。” Be present. Even if you’re not a morning person, you need to be awake when you get the office. Especially if you’re in a leadership position, it’s critical to be present, mentally and physically, and to communicate. “One of the biggest office pet peeves I hear from employees is about how their immediate supervisor just blows by them in the morning without so much as a smile,” Kerr says. “Taking the time to connect with your team members is essential, and doing the seemingly small things–making eye contact, smiling, asking them about their night, and checking in on what they may need help with–helps you as a leader take the pulse of the team, and helps set the tone for all the employees.” 出席。及时你不是一个习惯早起的人,当你走进办公室,你必须保持清醒。特别当你处于领导者的地位,出席和沟通是非常关键的,不管是精神上还是肉体上。“我听员工提到办公室最让人难以忍受的事是他们的直系上司在早上就拿他们当空气,没有一点好脸色。”克尔说,“花时间和你的团队成员沟通是非常重要的。做一些看起来细微的事,比如眼神交流,微笑,问问他们晚上过的怎么样或者是否需要帮助。这些小事能帮助你了解你的团队,给所有员工提供良好的工作氛围。 Check in with your colleagues. “A quick 5 to 10 minute team huddle can also be an effective way for many people to start their day,” Kerr says. Make it a short meeting, with no chairs, have everyone share their top goal for the day, and share any critical information the rest of the team absolutely needs to know, he says. “Doing the huddles helps people focus and more importantly, connects everyone with the team. And by sharing your goals for the day publicly, the odds of achieving them rise substantially.” 和你的同事做简单的分享。“5到10分钟的集会有助于许多人开始他们的一天。”克尔说。开一个短会,不要椅子,每个人分享一下他们一天的工作目标以及其他人需要知道的有用信息。克尔认为,“集会有帮助大家集中注意力,更重要的是,可以团结整个队伍。而且当众分享你的目标,可以提升目标实现的几率。 Ensure that your workspace is organized. Clearing off the desk and creating a neat workspace sets a tone for the rest of the day, saysAlexandra Levit, the author of Blind Spots: The 10 Business Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe on Your New Path to Success. It can also help avoid confusion. “While most communications are through e-mails and texts, if your boss or co-worker stopped by looking for you and left a sticky note about a last-minute meeting occurring in ten minutes, and it’s sitting on a mound of mail or papers, you’re already behind the eight ball,” Taylor says. “Also, for many, it’s difficult to think clearly, easy to forget important reminders, and just plain stressful if you feel you’re fighting the battle and the tornado of mail or paper is winning.” Ideally, you’d clear whatever you can out the night before so you can have a fresh start before you even turn on your computer in the morning. But if not, make sure clearing your desk takes precedence over things like checking e-mails and chatting with co-workers in the morning. 确保你的办公区域整洁有序。《盲点:你成功路上不敢相信的10大商业神话》的作者亚历山德拉 莱维特说,清理你的办公桌,保持工作环境整洁会影响一天的心情。 这还能帮助避免混乱。“尽管大部分的交流都是通过邮件或短信,但是如果你的老板或同事找不到你,给你留了一个便签告诉你十分钟后召开一个临时会议。便签在你小山般的邮件或文件中,那么你已经陷入困境了。”泰勒说,“而且,对很多人而言,理清思绪很难,忘记重要的事情很容易,如果你觉得你在战斗而且邮件文件正占据上风,你又会觉得很有压力。” 理想情况下,前一天傍晚你就应该清理好一切。这样,早上你打开电脑之前,会有一个全新的开始。但是如果没有,早上在查看邮件及与同事交谈之前,请确保先清理你的办公桌。

Don’t be distracted by your inbox. This one is difficult for most people—but the experts agree that you shouldn’t check your e-mail first thing in the morning. If you do, only read and respond to messages that are urgent. “Priority-scan your inbox,” Taylor says. “Not all e-mails were created equal. Hone your ability to quickly sift the wheat from the chaff and address what must be answered on an urgent basis.” Attridge agrees. “Only respond immediately to the urgent messages so that you control your morning activities.” There will be time during the day to respond to the less urgent e-mails. Why must you put off checking e-mails? “For far too many people, e-mail and the web can serve as huge time-wasters and distracters, particularly in the morning,” Kerr says. “Once you start checking e-mails, it’s a click away from watching the funny video someone forwarded you, which then sucks you into the abyss: checking the sports scores on line, the news headlines, the stocks, et cetera, and before you know it you’ve been watching a cat play the drums for twenty minutes and, like a poorly planned Oscars ceremony, your entire schedule is already thrown off before you’ve even begun your day.” 不要被你的收件箱分心。这对大部分人而言都不容易——但是专家们认为早上的第一件事不要去查看你的邮件。如果你这么做了,那么阅读和恢复那些紧急邮件。“选择性查阅你的收件箱,”泰勒说,“不是所有邮件都是同等重要的。养成迅速在谷壳中辨别小麦的能力,回复必须紧急处理的邮件。” 为什么要延后查看邮件?“ 对太多人来说,电子邮件和网络往往会浪费时间,造成干扰,尤其是在早上。”克尔说道,“一旦你开始查看邮件,你就会点击观看别人发给你的有趣视频,然后使你陷入深渊:网上查看体育报道、新闻标题、股票等等。当你发现自己已经盯着一只打鼓的猫看了二十分钟, 就像设计糟糕的奥斯卡颁奖礼一样,一天开始之前,你的整个日程安排就已经毁于一旦。

Listen to your voice mail. Most people jump on the computer and ignore their phone. “While office voice mail is indeed becoming antiquated as people rely more on personal cell phones, Blackberrys and e-mail, some people do leave voice messages, and if you ignore them, you could miss something important,” Levit says. 收听你的语音信箱。大部分人只关注电脑,而忽略了他们的电话。“尽管随着人们越来越依赖私人手机、蓝莓、电子邮件,办公语音信息的确已经过时,但是有些人确实会留语音信息。如果你忽略了这些信息,你就可能错过一些重要的东西。”莱维特说。 Place important calls and send urgent e-mails. If you know you need to get in touch with someone that day, place the call or send the e-mail first thing in the morning. If you wait until midday, there’s a greater chance you won’t hear back before you leave the office. “There’s nothing more frustrating that trying to complete something and not having access or answers from people you need because your day time hours were lost on other matters,” Taylor says. “If you have your questions ready and your e-mails fired off during early peak hours, by the end of the day you should have what you need.” 拨打重要电话,发送紧急邮件。如果你知道你今天要跟某人联系,那么早上第一件事就是给他打电话或者发邮件。如果你等到中午才联系他,很有可能直到下班,你还没收到他的回复。“你急着完成一个任务,可是由于你把时间浪费在其他事情上,而迟迟得不到你联系人的回应,还有比和更令人沮丧的事吗?”泰勒说,“如果你把问题都准备好了,你的邮件也早早发了,那么下班前你应该会完成你要做的。 Take advantage of your cleared head. “Many people feel that their brains function best in the morning, and that morning is when they are most creative and productive,” Kerr says. “Consider whether you are making the best use of your brainpower and plan ‘high brain’ activities in the morning.” 利用你清楚的头脑。“很多人感觉早上他们的头脑最灵活,而且最具创造性最高产。”克尔说,“考虑你你是否充分发挥了你的智慧,把需要高智慧的活动放在早上。” Plan a mid-morning break. “This is the time to assess where you and take time to revitalize yourself so that you can keep your momentum going,” Attridge says. If you’re stuck in a routine that doesn’t include these must-dos, it may be worthwhile to re-examine your habits and make some changes for enhanced career development, Taylor says. “Habits are created out of having regular cues that prompt a routine, which then eventually become our habits,” Kerr adds. The morning is the perfect time to create some critical habits that will, over time, become routine and help you be more focused and productive. “I know my morning routines are critically important. They help me focus and build momentum,” he says. “I’m a big believer in thinking about the start of your day the night before.” 安排你的休息时间。“这段时间是用来评估工作以及重新振奋自己的,这样你才能保持势头继续下面的工作。”阿特兹说。 如果你的日程中不包括这些必须要做的事,那么你最好重新审视下你的习惯,为了职业发展做一些改变,泰勒说。 “习惯是在日程安排的规律中慢慢养成的。”克尔补充道。早上是养成一些重要习惯的关键时刻,久而久之成为常规,使你集中精力, 富有成效。 “我知道我早上的历程至关重要,他们使我集中精力,增强动力。”他说,“ 我坚信前一晚就要想一想第二天的开始。”




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