Although physical activity has many proven benefits, new studies reveal that eating right is the foundation for successful weight loss. For instance, if you reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 than you expend you are going to create a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories in a week which will lead you to lose one pound. On the other hand, if you aim to lose the same amount of weight in a weeks time through exercise alone, you have to walk everyday for about 3.5 hours at a speed of 2 mph. Hence, it is justifiable to say that watching what you eat is a lot more effective than working out if you aim to lose weight. 虽然体力锻炼有许多被证实的好处,新的研究表明,正确的饮食是减肥成功的基础。例如,如果你一周内减少500卡里路的日摄取热量,你消耗的卡里路比你摄入的卡里路多,这样你将在一周内消耗3500卡路里的热量,然后你就能减掉一磅肉。另一方面,如果你的目标是在一个星期内,单单通过锻炼来减掉相同的重量,那么你必须以每小时2英里的速度步行约3.5小时。因此,说注重饮食比运动锻炼减肥效果更显著,是有道理。 Eating right could mean different things to different people. But generally, it means eating healthy, balanced meals as suggested by the USDA Food Guide. More specifically, eating right means letting real, natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, and proteins as well as complex carbohydrates make up most of your daily food intake. 正确的饮食对不同的人有不同的含义。美国农业部食品指南指出:总体来说,这意味着健康饮食,平衡膳食。“更确切的说,正确的饮食意味着让诸如蔬菜、水果、蛋白质这样真实、自然的食物,以及复杂的碳水化合物,成为你每天的摄入食物。 The 4 worst foods when you’re trying to lose weight All the while, you should be avoiding foods that offer empty calories or no nutritional value. There are a lot of these types of food out there — but here are some of the worst. 当你想要减肥时千万不要吃的四种食物。 在这期间,你应该避免那些只有无用热量没有营养价值的食物。有很多这种类型的食物—— 我们列举了以下最为严重的几种。 1.Soda Soda is said to be the leading source of empty calories. It is filled with nothing but sugar and offers absolutely no nutritional value. In short, it fills your body with a great deal of calories but zero nutrition. If you drink soda on a regular basis, you will be susceptible to gaining weight. See for instance, a can or 330 ml of Coke contains around 160 calories. This means that if you drink one can of Coke every single day, you will end up with 4800 extra calories or 1.4lbs at the end of a month and 57,600 extra calories or 16.8lbs in a year. 1.碳酸饮料 据说碳酸饮料是无用热量的主要来源。它除了糖什么都不能提供给你,并且没有任何营养价值。总之,它使你的身体吸收大量的热量而非营养物质。如果你经常喝碳酸饮料,你会很容易发胖。例如,一罐330毫升的可乐中含有大约160卡路里的热量。这意味着,如果你每天喝一罐可乐,一个月后你将会有4800卡里路的多余热量或1.4磅脂肪,一年后你将会有57,600卡里路的多余热量或16.8磅脂肪。

2.Alcohol If you want to lose weight fast, you need to stay away from all the booze. Like soda, alcohol also contains only empty calories and has no nutritional value. It does not in any way satisfy your appetite or give you the feeling of fullness, so it does not keep you from eating less food but still adds a sizable amount of calories to your diet. They also have this tendency of loosening up your resolve to lose weight and make you eat without thinking. And lastly, being a depressant, alcohol slows down your metabolism. Drinking a can of beer is like gulping down the same amount of calories you get when you eat 3 whole apples. 2.酒水 如果你想快速减肥,你需要远离所有的酒。正如汽水一样,酒也只包含无用热量,是没有营养价值的。它不以任何方式满足你的胃口,或给你饱胀的感觉,所以它不会让你少吃东西,反而仍使你的饮食增加了相当多的热量。他们也有放松你决心减肥,让大吃大喝的倾向。最后,酒作为一种镇静剂,会减慢你的新陈代谢。喝一罐啤酒,就相当于摄入了三个苹果的热量。 3.Trans Fat Trans fat, which is found in many fried and processed foods, is said to be the worst form of fat. Studies reveal that a person whose calorie consumption is composed of 8% calories from trans fat is bound to gain 7.2 percent increase in body weight in 8 years time. Trans fat does not only trigger weight gain but also cause fat from other regions of the body to be transferred and stored to the abdominal region. The best way to avoid trans fat is to keep away from processed food. When buying products, check the label or ingredient list for words like partially hydrogenated, hydrogenated, high stearate, and stearic rich. 3.反式脂肪 据说反式脂肪是最糟糕的一种脂肪,它存在于许多油炸和加工食品中。研究表明,如果一个人,8%的消耗热量都来自反式脂肪,八年内,他的体重一定会增长7.2%。反式脂肪不仅引发体重增加,也会导致身体其他部位的脂肪移动并堆积到腹部。避免反式脂肪,最好的办法就是远离加工食品。购买食品时,检查标签或成分表,看其是否标有诸如部分氢化,氢化和富含硬脂酸的字样。 4. Refined Grains Basically, refined grains include white flour, white bread, white rice, white pasta and their derivatives. These are what nutritionists often label as “bad carbohydrates.” They are termed as such because they are mostly responsible for many people’s weight gain and are also associated with many degenerative diseases. Refined grains are stripped of their fiber and nutritional contents as they are processed, leaving only sugar, starch and an enriched taste. Starch and sugar tend to get converted to fat and stored in the body; hence, making people fat. If you want to lose weight without totally eliminating grains from your diet, go for whole grains or whole grain products. 4.精制谷物 基本上,精制谷物包括白面粉,白面包,白米饭,白面条和它们的衍生物。这些都是营养学家常常标注为“不好的碳水化合物”的食物。这样称标注它们是因为,它们大多会造成人的体重增加,并且与许多退化性疾病有关联。精制谷物因为加工而失去了它们的纤维和营养成分,只留下糖,淀粉和浓缩的味道。淀粉和糖容易转化为脂肪储存在人体内,因此,如果在减肥期间,你不想饮食中完全没有谷物,那么就只吃五谷杂粮或全麦产品吧。




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