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I have read many books, which I learned a lot of knowledge, let me know a lot of truth in life, including a book, let me experience a deep, it is a famous writer Ernest Hemingway wrote, "Hits."


This book talked about such a story, old fisherman Santiago de Cuba consecutive 84 days did not catch the fish, was another loser as a fisherman, but he was persistent, and finally caught a big marlin large Marlins his boat dragged on for three days at sea, exhausted, was tied to the boat he was killed on one side, and then Return Journey repeatedly been shark attacks, he has exhausted all means to counterattack. Back to Hong Kong only the head and a fish tail spine. Although the fish have bitten gone, but what can not destroy the will of his bravery. This book reveals to us a truth: people are not born to fail, and a person can be destroyed, but can not be defeated.


Before I do anything as long as there is one point does not work well, they will retreat, and sometimes even say a few words dejected to say. In learning, I have a few tests as long as there is not very good there will be no confidence that their getting good grades. "Hits", the hero fighting with the shark, shark harpoon was taken away, he put the knife blade tied to tie chaos. Knife broke, he used truncheons. Batons have lost, and he used the rudder to come to play. This book reveals the truth, not to explain a man no matter what my greatest fear is the lack of confidence. Confidence is like a motor car, is a human motivation. If you do one thing with the confidence, you mean half the battle. The hero in this book are full of confidence and perseverance, not exactly what I indispensable?


Since reading this book, I know that his lack of learning is no longer due to a loss of confidence in the two do not go well, but more poorly in an exam, the more to be a good test. In the final exam the day, the morning two homework results, I do not have a certain class of students is good, but I admit defeat, but confidence that the determination to fight a turnaround. Language examinations in the afternoon, I have done every Road topics are especially careful. Sure enough, I was class of the first language examinations, total score, I am also a first.


In the future, I do not care what difficulties we encountered, we must face with confidence, persist in the end, and never retreat. I want to thank the book, for which I have learned so much, thank it for me to understand so many reasons, for it let me know his own shortcomings and correct their shortcomings in time, so I became a socially useful people.


"Hits", the lonely old fisherman Santiago has been not only be tough guy, his spiritual values embodied in the body is entirely the spirit of the ancient Greek tragedy, a modern echo. In the "Hits", the Hemingway finally for his beloved tough guy to find the soul, this soul is everlasting eternal values of mankind. Thus, in the "Hits", the tough-guy character of Santiago's fortitude has become the novel's surface. By Santiago tough-guy character to praise the eternal values of mankind, became the real theme of the novel. "Hits" and demonstrated what eternal value?


The first is people's self-confidence. Santiago consecutive 84 days at sea, and did not catch a fish. However, the "pair of eyes, ah, like water, like blue, is happy, not depressed." Originally to follow Santiago on fishing expeditions children, spoke of his father called him to the other boat and said, : "He did not much self-confidence." "Yes." the old man said, "But we have, you say is not it?"

首先就是人的自信。 桑提亚哥连续出海八十四天了,一条鱼也没捕到。可是,“那双眼睛啊,像海水一样蓝,是愉快的,毫不沮丧的。”原先跟随桑提亚哥出海捕鱼的小孩,谈到他爸爸把他叫到别的船上去,说道:“他没多大的自信。”“是的。”老头儿说,“可是我们有,你说是不是?”

Santiago in self-confidence is absolute self-confidence, is not to environmental change and changes in self-confidence, it does not compare with others, self-confidence. In Santiago's philosophy of existence, even when confronted with a pole of the unlucky people can only self-confidence.


People alive, the only way to determine the necessity, that is, to death. In addition, there is no bound to what can rely on. Since the person is alive by chance, then the courage to support human life, the only confident. If we lose self-confidence, in the continuing unlucky so many days after the Santiago there is the courage and perseverance on fishing expeditions do? Therefore, people live to be confident, not self-confidence is for human consumption can not afford luxury. It is precisely because Santiago had an absolute self-confidence, he was called away to the children to express a complete tolerance and understanding. Here, Hemingway has demonstrated the link between self-confidence and tolerance. "Hits" in the main space, describing the lonely old fisherman Santiago, in the open sea and in large marlin and a variety of sharks entangled, fought for three days and three nights experience. By Hemingway fullest description, we felt the Santiago desperate struggle with the fate of the heroic and noble. Last drag home for the elderly only a 18 feet-long fish skeleton, the only complete skeleton is the head and beautiful fish tail.


From the physical point of view, elderly people fought for three days and three nights a result of failure; but the human spirit, from the person's self-confidence self-esteem, courage and destiny from the human to make every effort to struggle for victory Santiago .


After all, the true victory can only be a triumph of the spirit. No matter who made much material success, they can not win our respect and thanks. Only the spirit and the spirit of victory, it moves us, that we have to follow the elderly and children, for his tragic tears.