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Life is full of surprises. 生活充满了惊奇。

Sometimes these surprises are pleasant and other times we can’t help but feel a little anxious about what the future holds.Which brings us to the importance of feeling confident, secure, and powerful — even in the face of uncertainty. 有时这些惊奇是令人愉快的,有时他们会使我们则禁不住对未来是什么样而感到担忧。这些惊奇会让我们认识到在即使面对不确定因素是也能感到自信,安全和权力的重要性。

Because no matter who you are, what you do for a living, or where you live, you’re always going to face moments of uncertainty (unless you’re psychic and can tell the future, of course). But seriously, these moments of uncertainty might happen in any aspect of your life: at work, in business, or in your relationships, for instance. 因为不管你是谁,做什么工作,或者你在哪居住,你总会面对一些动荡时刻(当然,除非你是巫师可以预知未来),但是严肃来讲,这些动荡时刻可能会发生在你生活的每一个方面,比如工作,生意,或者爱情。

And often, what differentiates super-successful and happy people from those who are ridden with anxiety and depression is the ability to sustain power and confidence, even in the face of uncertainty. 且通常,那些超成功幸福的人与那些充满焦虑,沮丧的人的区别是他们有即使面对动荡也可以保持力量和自信的能力。

So here are 4 ways to stay confident, courageous, and happy, even when you’re not quite sure exactly how your desired projects – in love, work, and life – will play out in the short term: 当你对爱情,工作和生活在短期内不知道到底该怎么办时,如下的四个绝招可以帮你保持自信,勇敢和幸福。

# 1 Stay Rationally Optimistic. 保持理性乐观
When we humans think and feel rationally positive, our brains actually perform better. That’s because positive mental states produce higher levels of creativity, productivity, and performance. 我们人类理性地积极地去思考和感受时,我们的大脑会运转得更好。那是因为积极的精神状态可以更加有创造力,生产力和执行力。

Which means: if you’re ever unsure about a project’s progress or future outcome, staying rationally positive (not delusional and positive) might just foster the precise creative insight you need to ensure your ultimate success. Not to mention that it’s a total confidence booster in moments of uncertainty (and rightfully so)! 那就意味着:如果你对一个项目的进展或未来的结果感到不确定时,理性地保持积极(不是妄想和积极)可以促使你产生精确的创造性的洞察力,而这个洞察力可以确保你最终成功。不要提这完全是自信促使你在动荡时刻成功(实际上就是)

# 2 Define Your Plans A, B, C, and D. 给你的A,B,C,D计划下定义

Any time you’re going for a goal in life, it’s good to map out several potential paths to get there. This way you know you’ll somehow arrive at your desired point.

Many times having only one potential path toward a goal can leave us anxious or nervous about that path. After all, what if it doesn’t happen as expected?! But imagine how confidentyou’d feel if you knew that you had also mapped out several other paths toward that same outcome? Then you could put your ALL into plans A, B, C, and D…in full knowing that you’ll arrive.


# 3 Realize Once And For All: It’s All Good. 完全认识到:一切安好

How many times has something happened that looked “bad” at the time and then later when you looked back on it you were thrilled that things turned out the way they did? It’s time to realize once and for all that this universe or world supports you and wants you to succeed! 多少次一些看起来“糟糕”的事,结果当你回顾此事的时候,发现不过是虚惊一场?是时候彻底认识到整个宇宙或世界都支持你并希望你成功。

The truth is that many times we simply don’t know the best way to achieve our desired outcomes, so we get angry or sad when things don’t work out the way we think they should…only to later realize that it all worked out for our own happiness, joy, success, and benefit. We just didn’t really know any better at the time…we didn’t realize we should be celebrating! 事实是许多时候我们只是不知道达成目标的最好方式,所以当事情不是按照我们想象的方式进行时我们会生气悲伤---结果后来我们意识到这样都是为了我们自己的幸福,喜悦,成功和利益。只是那个时候我们没有更好地理解---那时没意识到我们应该庆祝而已。

Now imagine how confident you’d feel in ‘uncertain moments’ if you just went with the flow because you ‘spiritually’ knew that everything was actually working in your favor…even if it didn’t seem entirely obvious to you at that particular moment in time…Now THAT’S freedom! 现在可以想象,如果你“精神上”能够感受到一切都会以有利于我的方式进行---即使它当时并没有及时完全地明显,那你在“动荡时刻”会感到多么的自信。现在那就是自由。

# 4 Do Your Best – Don’t Stress The Rest. 竭尽全力---勿压力过大

One of the best ways to stay confident in the face of uncertainty is simply to be secure in knowing that you’ve done your best and finally learn to let go of the things you can’t control.面对动荡,保持自信的最好方式之一就是确定你已经竭尽全力,并最终学着放弃那些你无法控制的东西。

One of the biggest mistakes so many people make is that they give it their all at work, in love, or in anything they think is important – and then they fully STRESS until they know for sure whether their end results will come through as they want them to. (Think school applications, business deals, you name it…it never ends). 许多人都在犯的最大的错误之一就是把一切都放在工作,爱情或任何他们认为是重要的事情上---那么他们会感到完全地压力重重,直到他们确切地知道结果如他们所愿(如需要学校应用,生意谈判等,无穷无尽的事情)

Solution: when the ball is in your court play your best game, but once it’s in someone else’s court, be cool and stress-free. Refer to # 3 above if you need to!


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